Friday, May 14, 2010

Tribute to the Yo-yo mama's


This is so cute!

a great idea for some of my yo-yo's!
I am a yo-yo addict! There I said it! I belong to a group that meets at the shop once a month called "Yo-Yo Mama's.(no its not a 12 step program, although at times it could be considered that) These ladies are amazing (and of course I don't have any pictures of them) they are all uber talented and bring a smile to my face just walking through the door. We exchanged yo-yo's for while and I have a huge collection now! Each month that we meet these amazingly talented women bring in finished projects and food, homemade food no less! We had a meeting once and we were all asked to bring our favorite bread recipe and a sampling of our bread! Yikes! what was I to do? my bread came in a polka dot wrapper and was so not homemade!! So, I did what any non-cooking skills quilter would do.....Panicked, I went to a cake store called "Nothing Bundt Cakes" and bought several of their mini bundts and gave them all a map and business card to the store:) Delish!!! We are now exchanging 2.5 squares. Oh no! I love these ladies and am so blessed to be included in there group. Thanks Yo-yo mama's!

a book I think I need!


Cheri C. said...

Oh, I'm so loving that bracelet. It is beyond cute!!

Lori Holt said...

Love all of the fun projects you showed...
see you in the funny papers,

Unknown said...

I was just wondering if you intentionally make your photos so small. You know if you update the editor on your blog under settings you can adjust the size of your pictures.

Linda Marie said...

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