Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bliss arrives!!!

Bliss jelly roll
It's here! It's here!!  Our UPS driver brought us 21 boxes of "Bliss"  by cute mother daughter duo "Bonnie & Camille" Our favorite peeps!  It's  red & aqua and who doesn't  love that!!  I have seen so many cute things made from this line!!   I am giddy,  i keep touching it and hollering out what I am going to make, so far I have about a dozen projects I have called for the shop!!  We have all the pre-cuts and loads of the yardage!!  Come see what we have made up already!! 
Bliss-fully yours,


Cheri C. said...

You just had to do this to me, didn't you?!! You know that I want to touch the bolts but living 2500 miles away makes it a bit harder. I can't believe that no shops on the east coast (that I have visited so far) are carrying this BEAUTIFUL line!!! PEOPLE!!! come on... look at it... just look at its beauty. I'll be calling you soon to finish the projects I made a month ago and have been anxiously awaiting this day. 21 boxes!!! That will be gone way too quickly!!

~plaid said...

I am really excited that this came in! I love the quilt you had hanging that used some of this fabric, but was sad it wasn't available yet. I have to come back in anyway, so now I can get a few pieces! So pretty!

Anonymous said...

I knew if anyone got this in the valley it would be your shop to get it first. Your shop is the best in the valley, I will be in SLC this weekend.
See ya soon

Jessica said...

I am awaiting the simple skirt class with Miss Sassypants! Hope I haven't missed the sign up.


Christine said...

Did you get her book too??? Can't wait to see it!

trish said...

Oh what beautiful fabric!! I adore the reds! :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia