Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Easy Peasy Tie pattern

This tie can be made in minutes and has only 10 steps.  The pattern is also adaptable to any size.  So if you have a last minute christmas party or want matching ties for pictures here is your 30 minute fix.

What you need
1 yard fabric(this gives you enough to cut with the grain, acros the grain or bias cut)
1/2 yard light weight interfacing--Stacy is recomended (this will be your pattern and interfacing)
2 inches of 1/4 ribbon (for tie holder on back side)
an old tie

1- on interfacing trace the old tie in two halves...big point half and small point half
2- add 1/4 inch to the pattern piece for seam allowance.  I measured 1/4 inch out every couple of inches and then used my cutting ruler to match marks up and make the full pattern.  You can see my tracing in black and my 1/4 inch addition in orange

3- cut out 2 pieces of each half along with the interfacing

4- iron interfacing to wrong side of one piece of each half
5- on the back piece of big point measure 6 inches up and attach ribbon.

6- fold both  narrow ends of  the big point piece down 1/4 inch to the wrong sides.  This will be your finished edge of the seam.

7- sew big halves right sides together leaving the narrown end open.  Turn right side out pushing out points.
8 - sew little halves right sides together leaving the narrow end open.  turn right side out pushing out the points.
9- slide small half into big half.  egde stitch closed.  This stitching will be hidden by the collar.

10 - iron


Birdena said...

I like the pattern for the tie. Unfortunately, I am a visual learner and need some sort of diagram to figure it out. Just cant seem to grasp the instructions

thesvancaras said...

I dream of your store almost every day. I live in AZ and would love it if you could just pack up your store and move into my garage! Or..... I would settle for a Material Girls website where i could order everything I dream off. :O)