Monday, January 17, 2011

Scrunchy Scarf Tutorial

The weather outside is frightful...OK so this week it isn't so frightful, but we can get another cold snap at any time and this is just cute to wear as an accessory.


¾ yard fabric

Gathering thread – thicker thread that wont break.

Cut four 5 inch by width of fabric pieces
Sew two pieces together on the short end. Repeat this for the other two.
You should now have two 5 x 88ish pieces

Find the center length wise and press. Press wrong sides together this way the gathering thread will sit down in the crease.
Using the pressed center line as your guide, sew your gathering thread down the whole length of pieces. ****do not pull to gather****

Sew the two pieces right sides together with ¼ inch seams. Make sure your pull strings are at the same end. Leaving a 3 inch opening at the pull strings.
Trim corners and turn right side out threw your opening. I used a yard stick to help turn

Gather to desired length. Tie the two pull strings together to hold the gather. I put the scarf around my neck and push the gathers up. That way I get the length I want for sure.

Edge stitch the hole closed.
Fuss with your gathers to make it perfect for each wearing.

** If you want a longer scarf get 1 yard of fabric and cut 6 5 inch pieces.  Sew 3 together instead of 2.  The rest of the instructions will be the same.
I apologize for the multiple fabrics used in the pictures.  I had attention problems while writing this tutorial. It took me three scarves to get all the pictures I felt were needed.


Judi said...

Wow thanks for the tutorial.

Cindy said...

Super cute! Makes me wish I could sew!!!!! :)


Unknown said...

What type of fabric did you use? Such a cute scarf!!

Material Girls said...

I used Amy Butler and Heather Bailey fabric