Monday, January 31, 2011

Stack and Slash quilt tutorial

This is an oldie but a goodie.

Stack and Slash Quilts

13 fat quarters or 25 9x9 squares (stacking material)

1/2yard inner border

1 yard outer border

3 yards backing

This is a lap sized quilt 54x54.

--Cut your stacking material into 25 9x9 squares

--STACK -create 5 stacks of 5. Try not to have duplicate materials in a stack

--SLASH – With a rotary cutter slash at any angle. The rule with this is you do not slash on touching sides. You want your slash to start and stop on opposite sides (top and bottom or left and right)

--Your stack has now been in cut into two parts.

--Take the top piece of the left stack and move it to the bottom. This mixes the pattern

--sew your halves together to make a square again.

--Press your seams as desired.

--STACK your pieced squares.

--SLASH – same rules apply and I like to slash through my seam

--Pair up halves so no pattern repeats happen in your squares

--Sew halves. (you should have 4 different materials per square)

--Press as Desired

--Trim your squares to 8x8.

--Repeat this process until you have 25 slashed and pieced squares.

--When all squares are pieced sew them in row of 5

--sew the rows together. You should have 5 across and 5 down

--press seams

-- cut your inner border fabric to 2 ½ inch strips. Measure and piece onto quilt sides first, then top and bottom

--cut the outer border fabric into 6 ½ inch strips. Measure and piece onto quilt sides first, then top and bottom

-- quilt and bind as desired.

***changing the size of this quilt is easy. You will need to figure out how many squares you want. You can get 2 squares out of 1 fat quarter. You will also need to adjust yardage for the borders.

I did a baby quilt that was 2 blocks by 3 blocks. I did 4 fat quarters so my patterns would be more random.


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Thanks Nadine! Great idea for a quick quilt.

allsewnup said...

Easy! Simple! Wonderful!
On my list of to-dos.
Thank you for the tutorial.


Beginning Quilting said...

This is a detailed and easy-to-follow tutorial on how to make stack and slash quilt. I'm looking forward to doing this wonderful quilt one of these days. Thanks for sharing! :)

Shauna said...

Thanks for sharing - this looks like a fun one! I'm adding it to my list of projects :)

Val said...

I was looking around to see if this method belonged to somebody and found your blog post. I made a mug rug with 4 charm squares and wanted to share. I am new to patchwork and love this method because it is regimented not free form like the regular crazy quilt. Your quilt looks great.

ohiomom said...

I love this quilt. I'm new to quilting and now have so many awesome idea from all the wonderful blogs I've read that I don't quite know where to start. This one is definately on my to-do list for sure though. Thanks so much for posting it.

dale said...

Used this idea to make my Very first quilt!! Thanks so much :D

sjwnana said...

thanks for this I have always wanted to make one
sooo now Maybe someday

Unknown said...

Ooh!! You make this look so easy!! I def want to try for myself. Thank you so much for sharing!! I love it.

WPBMOMMY1 said...

Love your tutorial, especially the cute NO and YES pink parts. I'm a visual person so seeing that makes it very easy to understand.

Hill Country Livin' said...

I want to make a baby quilt using this pattern but if your quilt was 2 blocks by 3 blocks, how big was each block? Thanks...I really like this pattern for my stash of coordinating fat quarters!

Anonymous said...

Maybe this pattern will work for my sister