Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pj bottoms in VOILE!!

In the world of fabric I think voile means love.  If you haven't sewn with this fabric before you need to.  Voile is a lighter weight with a silky feeling.  It is still cotton based but so much more yummy. Even though voile is thinner, I have had no issues with snagging or fraying.  It sews up just as well as regular weight cotton.  There are multiple fabric color choices of voile at the shop.  With more coming in.   I have made several projects out of it...skirts, scarves, tops, but my hands down favorite are my voile PJ bottoms.  OH COMFINESS!! It is easily replaced with any other fabric, I would however not use it as your main fabric in a bag.  Stop by and grab some.  You wont be disappointed.
Th Pj bottoms are a pattern out of the "in stitches" book by Amy Butler, which we have in the store.

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Maxine said...

Oh my it has been years since I have made anything with Voile..and I mean years...You will be on my stop when I come up from St George in a few weeks.....Looks fun