Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Washer necklace tutorial

We talked about these at the ghoul-friends night out.  Since my husband is mister fix it and these are made out of washers I had to do them and enlist his help.  They were easier than I thought, cheaper than I planned, but the drying time was longer than stated on the bottle.  I made mine into a bag charm, but I hve seen them as necklaces and bracelets as well.

What you need
- a stainless steel washer---size doesn't matter just get what you like
-spray adhesive
-pencil or fabric pen
-cord of your choice...or even ribbon
-embellishments for cord if you want
-scrap of fabric
-bottle of glossy accents - sold in the stamp area of joanns or micheals

--trace your washer onto your fabric, both outside and inside hole
--cut out both
--spray washer with adhesive and place fabric on the washer
--squeeze a thin line of resin along the outer and inner edge
--fill in between the lines--the thicker a cost of resin the longer it takes to dry but the more 3d it will be.
if the resin starts to fall over the edge I just ran a q-tip along the edge to clean up while wet.
--let dry (mine was over night)
--thread your cording through, embellish and tie off
DONE and let the ohh and ahhing begin!!

---I did read on the internet you can speed up drying time by heating the resin from below...I have not tried this so try at your own risk.

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Miss Barbara said...

I LOVE this idea!! Something I can do when my teenage granddaughter spends the night! Haven't been to the shop in quite a while. Looking forward to stopping by this fall!