Monday, July 23, 2012

duct tape belt tutorial

I saw this and had to figure out how to make them.  If you want a fast fun project this is it.  5 minutes tops to make one.

Duct tape - I got mine at home depot, but I heard joanns and hobby lobby have a good selection of the "cute" tape
2 d rings - I used 1 inch but 1 1/2 would work also

Measure the waist of person and add ten inches.  Cut 2 strips at that length.

Cut or tear one of those strips in half length wise

place a skinny strip down the back of the fat strip in the middle.  sticky sides together

fold over the edges so all sticky is gone.

place the last skinny strip over the folded edges.

slide d rings onto one end, fold over and secure with a small piece of tape

you can easily cut any excess off when you put it on the person.

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