Thursday, July 5, 2012

A trip to remember!!

I apologize for my lack of posts lately, but, once you read this you will completely understand.  I have always wanted to go on a retreat,  something that I didn't organize or that was too close to home.  I have been wanting to go to the CrabApple Hills retreat for sometime but always seem to miss the deadline to sign up and then when I remember it is filled for the year and then some.  So, I was driving down the freeway and my cell phone rang,  I don't usually answer the phone on the freeway but didn't recognize the number and had a weird feeling I should answer it.  It was Crabapple saying they had a cancellation could I make it,  What? Of course I could make it!  wild monkey's on brooms couldn't have kept me away.  So, I called my friend Roxie and told her that she was about to take a road trip with me to Benton City Washington!!  I missed many photo ops along the way but got some great ones of Meg's house and studio.  This was so much fun!!  If you love to stitch then this is the retreat for you!!
This is just a few of the pictures from the retreat!!
Knotty Girl, one of the sticheries Meg has given at previous retreats

Our goody box for the weekend
One of our projects 
I drove so Roxie was the bellman
Megs house, Roxie and I asked her to adopt us,  but we are home so I guess she didn't want us!
Roxie and I outside the studio
Meg,    creative guru of  all that is stitch

One of Meg's new patterns
I have more pictures but I won't overload you.  If you get the chance this is such a fun retreat, and I am giving it 5 stars.  YOU HAVE TO GO LADIES!!!

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