Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Scrappy Trip Quilt Along!!

Have you heard about all the "Scrappy Trip Quilt Alongs" going on in blogland?  Well, if you haven't then let me share.  Pretty much anyone and everyone is doing this just hop over to your favorite bloggers I am sure they are doing it.  I had myself convinced that I didn't need to do this and to just focus on starting the New Year and all my other commitments.  Then Shelby started carrying on about about it and would not stop!  Dang that child of mine!!  Next thing I know I have my stack of fabrics picked out and so have several others at the shop and here we go!!  The link above has a tutorial and more info on the quilt along.  I'll be posting pictures of Shelby and I's blocks.  Come join in, it will be fun!!

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Jeanine said...

Now I want to do it .....dang you two! This isn't going to be another Farmers Wife block that happens for a few months and fizzles out is it lol ...cause we are really good at that!