Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sewist Tools

I don't know about you but, while cleaning up my sewing areas I discovered an ABUNDANCE of scissors and seam rippers. I have 8 inch shears, 6 inch shears and little embroidery scissors by the dozens.   Every drawer, box or bag I opened had a seam ripper.  I know that seam rippers get dull, especially if you use them as often as I do!!  I couldn't bring myself to throw any away (yet)  Hoarder?! Maybe?  As we move into Spring I have lots of things to sew, I am sure I will discover then which ones need to go to seam ripper heaven.  Next time Brian the scissor guy is at the shop, I am sure I can keep him busy!!  He already wonders what I do to get my scissors so beat up, now he is going to know I hoard sharp things!  What tool do you buy a lot of?  Thread, scissors, seam rippers...,  Please share with me what is your tool of choice to hoard!!


Gale, Ky quilter said...

Love all the scissors because that is what I hoard, too. Have a pair in every room of my home and probably 10 (or more) in my sewing area. Can't beat a good pair of scissors.

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

love the small decorative scissors. I just discovered I have a thread problem- especially since I bought a new thread rack and it is full. Didn't realize I had so many. :)

Beth said...

I have a bit of a problem with small decorative scissors. I can't seem to pass them up when I see one I don't have. Even so I never have enough. LOL
I could use more seam rippers. I went through a brief period of breaking them. Not buying the rfeal cheap ones anymore.

Janet said...

Gosh, it seems I also like those cute little scissors with fancy fobs attached. In addition, I love those cute, seasonal pins from Just Another Button Company along with fun and delightful pin cushions!

Material Girls said...

I love the straight pins. I also found some from a shop on ETSY. If I give pincushion as a gift I try and put a few of those pins in to it. hmmm, maybe I should go shop on ETSY for some new straight pins!