Thursday, March 21, 2013

Crabapple Hill Retreat part II

I'm back!!  My friend Roxie and I went to the Crabapple Hill Retreat last week and it was so much fun!!!  It is in Washington state,  can you say "Road Trip".  We loaded up the car and headed out bright and early on Thursday morning.  Of course we had to stop at Micky D's and get our beverage first and then off we went!!

Roxie was the designated picture taker and navigator,  she wasn't on her A game where the picture taking was concerned.  She would snap the picture after we passed what ever it was she was supposed to be taking.  Well, come to think of it her navigation skills were off too,  sheesh!!  I must get her some med's for the next trip.  Roxie and I have traveled together before, and she is easy to travel with.  I am not sure she would say the same about me. This is the little box of "survival" she made for me.  I was a lameo and didn't get her anything!!  She also made me a cute crochet blanket,  I owe her big time!

Meg Hawkey's house
This was our destination!!  Crabapple Hill (Meg Hawkey's House)  isn't it adorable!!   We had such a great time, made lots of new friends, laughed a lot!!  we will be going back many more times!!
our goody bag that Meg gave each of us
a shot of one of the bedrooms in Megs house

Meg's studio

Meg showing one of her cute quilts
Robyn, one of the cute girls we met at the last retreat.  
brunch, did I mention she serves great food!!

She books up really fast, so make sure you book early.  It is so, so, much fun.


Anonymous said...

So where was I when you took all these pictures? Next time I promise to do better. Roxie

Rita said...

any idea when the TV tray tutorial will happen? what a great idea!

Sinta Renee said...

What a fun getaway! I have always wanted to go to Meg's retreat. Looks like a whole lot of wonderful!