Sunday, December 21, 2008

the amazing nanette

For those of you who blog, you must certainly know Nanette from Freda's Hive, and if you don't be sure and check out her blog, she is an amazing woman who loves retro anything. She came in to the shop today and she is just a neat lady to talk too! Every time I check her blog she is creating something new or has just finished some amazing project
. She has cute ideas and fun projects so be sure and check her out!
Thanks Nanette


Camille said...

Love that Nanette and her blog, she stays BUSY!

FedEx said the quilts should be there today- hopefully they found you! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

What?!?! I missed Nanette again! I am a huge fan of Freda's Hive. I was in the shop on Saturday too and can't believe I missed her. The last time I was there she posted that she had been there to and we just missed each other. I would love to meet her!