Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh so cute!!

We have so many cute new fabric lines in at the store, I am ready for Christmas to be over and start in on the new stuff. We have received Gypsy Rose by Moda, Natures Chorus (Moda), Kitchenette (which for all you retro lovers, this is so cute!),Love is in the Air (Valentine), and a ton more!! I was going to take pictures but I forgot the camera, so maybe tomorrow.
Every time the UPS guy drives up its like Christmas, I'm sure he hates us about right now! but don't we love the men in brown!!!


Anonymous said...

All is good in the world! You sale today was the best! It got me feeling better about things, fabric can do that! Your shop is the best thing ever!

Camille said...

I only missed a post or two... or four. Turns out I don't blog as often as you do now! sounds like you've got some great new stuff, and I know what you mean about the men in brown. Just hearing that noisy truck makes my heart skip a beat. I should probably mention that the only time ups comes is when I get Moda boxes, in case my husband reads this... ;-)

Nanette Merrill said...

I will have to visit you very soon. I'm dying to see the kitchenette fabric. Novelty kitchen - that is me! I hope you are having a good month. I'm a little crazy with this giveaway I've created. I like to complicate my life I guess. Thanks for playing along with me and I'm sure I'll see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Just found your shop!! Its too good to be true! love it! I will tell all my friends, great service and fantastic selection.