Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy 100 posts to me!!

Wow! I made it 100 posts!! Thanks to all my blogging peeps! Hopefully in my next 100 post I can learn how to post a picture or something without asking my kids, or hubby to help me. Be sure and check back in the next couple of days because I will be posting a giveaway!! And we all love those giveaways!!
See ya Soon!!

PS. Christy, I ready to begin my blogging 101 lesson! can you also show me how to use the camera, and new phone I got for Christmas?


Christy said...
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Christy said...

GRRRR .. If I could type it would be nice.
What I wanted to say earlier is .. CHEIF, I'm READY, let's pick a day.
stupid aprons, what was I thinking!?

Christy said...

Oh Chief, I tried the breathing thing. I passed out! And, while I was out I dreamed they magically got done all by their little selves. haha, we both know that didn't happen. Good thing they're so cute!
~Hugs Christy