Sunday, April 26, 2009

We made it!!!

For those of you who don't know I am in Disney World at a cheer competition~ Worlds Cheer this is the best of the best from all over the world. Did you know they even have cheerleaders in Japan, the Netherlands and my favorite Jamaica (these guys were amazing, they combined reggae with cheer?!) Shelby's team competeted yesterday against 67 teams, they placed 19th and go on to finals today! The girls are so excited! The next competion starts at 5:30 (Florida time) I will post and tell you all about it later! I have pictures but I couldn't get them to post! And of course I have lots to tell you~ like have you ever sunburned your feet? well, I am here to tell you it hurts like the dickens. Yea I know you are all laughing thinking sunscreen dummy! well, I missed those!
I'll talk to you later! Keep your fingers crossed!


Christy said...

WTG Shelby's team !! Wish we could find it on TV. And, BTW I don't want to hear about your stupid sunburn & how warm & nice it was! I have a rainburn & I'm sure you would much rather hear about that :)~

Cheri C. said...

That is AWESOME for Shelby... I hope they make it further in the competition. Wish her the best.

YES, I have learned the hard way about the feet AND the ears!! Don't go out without SS on either!!! Hope you didn't blister... Have a safe trip back!!!!

barbara@quiltsoup said...

Woo Hooooo. Way to go Shelby!