Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A lot to say.....,

Haunted Mansion
Awesome by Sandy Gervais

Shelby and Lacey!

I am not sure if the days are getting shorter, my list is getting longer, or I am just moving at a really slow pace! I can't seem to keep up on my posting. I have lots to tell you and just have had a hard time fitting everything in to the day!! I think this might go back to my Franklin Day Planner challengedness (my own word, pretty creative huh?)
We are getting lots of new "Fall" lines and patterns in at the shop...., Awesome by Sandy Gervais, Haunted Mansion by Sanae, and a few other really cute lines, Soliel by Annette Tatum, Luna II by Maywood, oh and the list goes on with just as many new patterns!!
To top off all of that, my cute Shelby has decided to really grow up and take another vacation without me....! She is headed off to St Thomas (Virgin Islands) and I am really having a hard time, (she has threatened to bop me if I cry!!) I think she is sick of me telling her about stranger danger and to be careful and yada yada!! I almost made her watch the "Barney" video to get my point across!
Anyhoo, lots going on! oh! and be sure and stayed tuned we have some great things to coming up and to announce!
See ya later!


Cheri C. said...

Love the Barney comment... he's good for all ages, right?? Okay... back to packing!!

Jandi said...

Don't worry. We all told Shelby to stay away from strange men...with the exception of HOT strange men. You've got to bend the rules sometimes, right?

barbara@quiltsoup.com said...

Shelb has been raised well and she will make the best choices she can possibly make. Have a little faith in her training!

I bought you a raffle ticket but you didn't win the Donny quilt!