Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meet Sassypants!!

In 2008 I hired this cute, quiet, shy, darling of a girl in her Senior year of Highschool (Jaymie Soderman)  She was going off to college in the Fall and blazing her own trail in life.  We all wished her well and told her the Material Girls Rules: 
*Curfew by 10:00pm
*No marriage proposals!  (we wanted her to live it up a little!)
*She had to come back to work for us on breaks!
Jaymie and her cute mom Corie!
So, every year true to her word she came back and helped us at the shop!!  We love her!  (I am sure she thought we were a bunch of crazy ladies that needed to get out more!)  Well, flash forward to 2010 and she has her own pattern company called "Sassypants Patterns"   Be sure and check out her blog to see more of her designs  (tell her Material Girls sent you.)  She has designed some of our most popular patterns in the shop!!  Her mom Corie is the cutest thing ever and pattern tester extraordinaire!  Here are a few of her designs!!  If you would like to order her patterns give us a call at the shop!!  She will be heading back to school soon and we are going to miss her!  We want to let her know we love her and can't wait to see what new designs she comes up with!
Nadine and the girls:)


Libby said...

I totally just bought the Prep School quilt pattern and made one for my son! Great pttern ans so (sew!) easy. Complete in an afternoon!

Rae Ann said...

Love the name... Sassypants! What a clever young gal and I will be by soon to check out those darling patterns. Thanks for sharing Nadine!

Needled Mom said...

What a great story!!!