Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I am going to be a guest blogger!!! me?? who would have thunk it?

Wow! I have been asked to be a guest blogger on Rae Ann's blog "Stash Manicure"  I absolutely love Rae Ann she has another blog also called cutie pinwhells.  I am kind of freaking out " Stash Manicure" ME?  Has she not seen my post on my borderline hoarding!!  I truly am a trainwreck, (but I am trying to get it together.)  So, if any of you have suggestions on making a shop owner look somewhat together please feel free to share with me!!  I am posting on hers August 5th.  Rae Ann doesn't know this but I secretly yearn to be in her group of quilty friends, they are very talented fun women who are amazing!!  So, Rae Ann, I'll be there and I will try and not embarrass you but, I will be entertaining.  So ladies be sure and check it out!!


Nedra said...

Nadine, you would be in on a moments notice! Rae Ann has selected well in choosing you for Stash Manicure. I look forward to learning from your experience.
Just be your cute self and that will be perfect.

Jandi said...

Congrats Nadine! I believe that last issue of Quilter's Home had an article about quilting horders. One of the people was a shop owner who admitted she hid stuff at the shop. Maybe you could try that to look more organized???

Cheryl said...

Nadine!! I was at a quilt group meeting when she was the guest speaker! She is awesome! She is very nice and genuine. I learned that her favorite things in her fabric world are her vintage aprons and her stash!!! So make a scrappy apron with all of those 30's you have been hoarding!!

Rae Ann said...

You were a WONDERFUL guest! You totally crack me up!
I would love having you be a part of our group. We laugh a lot and get a little quilting done in between. We will be calling you soon!