Thursday, August 5, 2010

Zippers, a fun funky embellishment!

a cute flower made with zippers
If you missed us with Casey Scott from Channel 2 showing him the wonders of quilting and zipper embellishments.  Here is a link to Riley Blakes zipper flower tutorial.  We have lots of fun things made with the zippers and are planning even more to show you at our next "Open House"  (I wanted to show you Shelby's sandals but she has them on!)  I love these! and the possibilities of what you can make with it are endless.  Stay tuned for the Material Girls fun zipper projects!!  We have lots, and we will be posting more tutorials soon!

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Anonymous said...

I saw you guys on channel 2 with casey in july. I was hoping you would post the video of the zipper tutorial. I came in today you guys have a ton of colors! I bought yards of about 8 colors.