Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Bliss" By Bonnie and Camille, YUMMY!

I know most of you have been anxiously awaiting this line of fabric, myself included.  On Friday we received 6 boxes of just the pre-cuts (jelly roll, charms, and layer cakes)  Let me just tell you thats a whole bunch of pre-cuts!!  They are just waiting for you to come and get them and create your next masterpiece!!  I love this line!!  I admit I might be hoarding some of it for just myself!!  This lines just makes you happy, makes you want to sing and dance shout from the hilltops "the fabric is here, the fabric is here"!!  So, be sure and stop in and see Bonnie and Camilles Bliss. We also have all of their new patterns made with the line!  The yardage will be here in Septermber!!
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Layer Cake


IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Oh soooo pretty and what a great name too!


huynh ngoc tan said...

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I am your new follower and hope you can stop over to my blog and follow me back.