Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sisters, Oregon! A quilt show!

This is a quilt made with all the shirts from past shows.

A quilted car cover, yes someone went to a lot of work!! I had to promise Tom I would never take my hobby this far.

another shot! Hmmm, could I finish this? my car is kind of big...., (just kidding honey!)

A wall of amazing quilts!

this is a shot of the line of cars behind us! (taken from my sunroof) I am sure the lady in the car behind us thought I was nuts!

This is the line in front of us and it was only 8 am.

Tom and I got a wild hair this week and decided to head off to Sisters, Oregon!! This is the 35th year of their annual outdoor quilt show. It was amazing!! I think Tom and I stopped at every antique store, and quilt shop along the way!! It was so much fun, we ate lots, saw 2 movies, shopped and spent some much needed alone time! Thanks Honey!! (He even put up with my backseat driving) Overall, it was a fantastic weekend. If you ever get the chance to go it is well worth the trip! I plan on going next year, who's in? Do I smell a retreat?
See ya!


Shanna said...

Sounds like a road trip to me and with really fun company!I so would love to go!I have wanted to attend for years!Love ya,Shanna

Anonymous said...

i am in

Thimbles and Threads Quilt Shop said...

Gotta confess that I'm jealous! I have wanted to visit the Sisters show for years and have never made the time.

Maybe for shop hop in 2011 we can all quilt car covers.....

Dad / Grandpa Thomason said...

Woodman stopping at every antique and quilt store? Wow, that's true love. Ol Pepe' is stepping up.