Thursday, November 11, 2010

Car seat tent Tutorial

Car Seat Tent

1 yard fabric for top

1 yard fabric for bottom

1 fat quarter for straps

4 1/2 yards jumbo ric rac

3 inches of Velcro

1 button ¾ inches or bigger

- Fold fabric into quarters and cut 18x18 making sure not to cut on folds. This will make your pieces 36x36

- Round the corner with no folds using a dinner plate. Cut both fabrics at the same time so the corners will match later. This will give you round corners; you can skip this if you want square corners.

- Sew ric rac to the top piece

- Pin and sew bottom piece to top piece with RST. Ric rac will be in between. Leave a 3” opening on one side for turning.

- Turn right sides out. Iron edges.

- Edge stitch around the whole thing. This will close up the turning hole.

- Fold cover into quarters and iron the center to make a X. This will be used for strap placement.


- With your fat quarter cut 2 8x8 pieces and 1 8x5 1/2

- On all three pieces fold both ends in ¼ inch. On the 5 ½ piece make sure to fold in the short ends

- On all three pieces fold in half and iron than fold in each side to the center crease. Iron then fold in half again to make a strip

- Edge stitch down both sides of all three straps.

- With the narrowest of the three straps

- Make a button hole at one end of the strip. Make this hole ¼ bigger than your button. The hole should start ¼ inch up from the edge of the strip.

- Pin and sew this strip on the back side of the cover on the center line, right in the middle. Make sure you are placing this in the correct direction. This should be sewed to the parallel crease to your car seat handle.


- With the remaining two straps

- Cut your Velcro into 2 - 1 ½ inch pieces.

- Sew each half of a Velcro piece onto the opposite ends, opposite sides of a strip. You should have a loop when the Velcro is put together

- Repeat for the other strap

- On the top side of your cover measure three inches from the middle line. Your strips will be placed on the line that will be parallel to your seat handle.

- Pin and sew your straps on the crease with the inside edge at your three inch mark. I sew the straps at the middle of the strap so the Velcro is at the top of the loop.


- Sew your button onto the center of the top piece, between the two straps.

You are done.

Variations –

-If you want a larger cover you will need 1 ¼ yard of top and bottom fabric and 5 yards of ric rac. Cut fabric to 42x42. Follow all instructions the same after cutting.

-Embellish with buttons on the straps, appliqué in the corners, or any edging that you like (pom poms, lace, ECT)

-you can leave out the roll up strap and button if you wish.


Cheri C. said...

LOVE IT - THANKS!! We can always count on you for the best!!

Rebecca Merry said...

ooohhh fun! I'm going to have to try that!

Mama Bell said...

Thanks for the tutorial. . .I will be making one of these for future grandbabies!

The Lewis Family said...

What fabric did you use??

Julie said...

Love this and your tutorial. I am looking forward to making one for my sister to go with the baby bag and accessories I made her. Yeah! Thank you!

Julie said...

Just finished making this yesterday. It turned out wonderful. I am going to have to snatch my sisters car seat to take some pictures of it, but it is just beautiful. I even got to re-learn how to make a button hole. I did great and it was all because your tutorial was so easy to follow. As soon as I get pictures up on my site I will send the link to you. Just wonderful! I love it!