Tuesday, November 2, 2010

wild hair or mid-life crisis?

Okay, I did the ultimate "No No"  I went and looked at new houses.   Which means, I come home to my house, (which isn't a bad house,) it just isn't my "Dream" house.  Did I mention that my "Dream"  house comes with a maid and a cook?  I have to say that the new houses are more open and mine is more boxy.   Nothing a good remodel won't fix, right?  unless you are married to the mostest, unhandiest man in the world (which I happen to be.)  I have a lot of "Stuff" and the thought of moving it all is very unappealing.   I should just be thankful I have a roof over my head and just quit my whining, right? Okay, time to take my head out of the clouds,  put my big girl panties on and go sew something.   A girl can dream can't she?  

Bob the builder if you are reading this, I might need you!!  


Layne Bushell said...

So you might be married to the mostest unhandiest but does he have a wallet? Find that bob the builder (my friend is a bob the builder who is quite good). He could knock down your walls...lmk if you want contact info!!!! How was Market?

Lee Ann L. said...

We're looking for a house to live in as we're currently renting. And let me tell you, it's frustrating. Be thankful that you DO have a house to call your own and can destroy, err, remodel. Just fork over the money to a contractor to have it done. :-)

Amanda said...

I am having the exact same feeling right now. And I have the most unhandy husband too. If moving and remodeling wasn't so dang expensive. I love when I read someone else's blog and it could totally be mine.

Pierson family said...

I'm with you sister! Husband unhandy. Mine fixes things with on off switches, not boards and nails. When I moved last I doubled my space (last house was pretty small. 1400 sq. ft. with 4 kids.) I'm blessed to be buying my home and we have more space, but I always look at the "bigger better" houses and dream. I guess I need to be thankful I still have my home in this economy! I sew to releave stress. It is my outlet! But I have to admit sometimes it just gives me stress. But I try to keep smiling. :)