Monday, November 15, 2010

DANG IT!!! My thread broke again

How many times have you been pulling the thread to gather and the thread breaks?  Well, here is the solution to all your gathering/ruffling needs.

You will need "unbreakable thread"  - this can be crochet thread, dental floss, embroidery thread.

Start by tacking down your unbreakable with a few straight stitches.
Then change to a medium width Zig Zag.
Zig Zag over the unbreakable.  Careful not to sew the unbreakable itself

When done, pull the unbreakable to gather.
When satisfied with length of fabric and gathering, tie a knot in the unbreakable thread to hold in place.  Cut excess thread off

Credit for this method goes to Dancing Jamie


Needled Mom said...

Trust me...that is the ONLY way to gather.

busyascanbe said...

Great idea! Keep em coming I know you have tons!

Tylynn said...

That is my trick to ruffles! Not just thread ever again!

Jessica Stoker said...

Great tip, I needed this the other day when I was making a bed skirt ruffle, haha.

Becky McKenzie said...

BRILLIANT!!! Seriously, this is like a light bulb moment for me.

Thanks for sharing :)