Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sewing jar tutorial

I went to a late sew the other night and thought what a pain it was to pack up all my "tools" to take with.  I wish I had a container that I could just through in my travel bag and go.  After a little research and thinking this what will be in my travel bag...I am even buying stuff to just leave in here so I don't forget anything...like my seam ripper which is my best friend.

mason jar  - any size
Lid - ring and sealing disk
fabric scrap

Trace the sealing disk onto cardboard and cut out
lay sealing disk onto fabric and cut out 1 inch bigger
sandwich fabric, stuffing cardboard together and stuff into lid ring
glue fabric tails onto bottom of cardboard
push sealing disk in (glue to cardboard if you want)
fill jar with desired bits.

These also make a perfect gift for those sewers in you life.


frgprncs said...

The only issue with it is the jar is breakable...

Material Girls said...

you can find plastic canning jars at some stores. i saw them early this year. This is just what I had on hand