Thursday, November 3, 2011

When is too early for Christmas?

The big debate is when is it too early for Christmas to be up and out in retail stores.  What is your take on this?    If you are a quilter or a stitcher we need to start these projects early in order to finish them.  As a shop owner, I can say we receive most of our Holiday fabrics in June,  yes I said June.  We don't put ours out until July, and usually don't have models up until at least August, maybe September.  I do and try and get all of my shopping done before Thanksgiving.  That way I can focus on any last minute sewing, relaxing, and just enjoying the Season.  I love Christmas music and usually drive everyone nuts with my "Donny and Marie"  Christmas music.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this so leave me a note tell me what you think.  Oh and remember "Be Nice" Santa's watching you:)


Funky Kim said...

In craft and sewing shops I expect Christmas in June and July because those things need time to make and all that. Christmas lights and outside decor is nice to shop for the end of September and all of October so it can be put in place while the sun shines and the ice isn't around. But please don't decorate the department stores until right before Thanksgiving if you must. My favorite thing is to not see any decorations lite up and on display at malls until Black Friday, but that isn't realistic since it does take time to put up all the trimming. But don't light anything until Black Friday!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

crafting supplies, fabric and things that you need to MAKE things, it can be out all year long. But fake trees, and ornaments, please save them till at least after Halloween. This year Hobby Lobby had their entire Christmas section out in June.............waaaaaaaaaaay too early!

Shaunab said...

I say after Halloween, bring on the Christmas. Alot of people think Thanksgiving is pushed aside but I don't think of it that way. I LOVE Thanksgiving and Christmas and consider it one big Holiday. As for retail and quilting, you need to have it up early so we can get our projects done.

The Mac Clan said...

After having my ladder pushed over by an old man while putting up trees at ZCMI I say after thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

I hate going to the mall the day after Halloween and hearing Christmas music playing.
I like that in a quilt/craft store I can get started early on my projects, but it doesn't have to be the front and center attraction until maybe now.
Just my opinion.