Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Scissor Guy

The shop is super happy to announce that we have our very own scissor sharpening guy, Mack!!!

His birth certificate says Brian, but he doesn't answer to that.  He is a Murray City Firefighter (sorry ladies he is taken) and sharpens scissors on his days off.  He is very mechanical and can fix anything he touches. 

The scissor scoop - He will sharpen and tune up scissors.  $10 for one pair or $15 for two pair.  He will have them done while you wait, or if he is super busy by the end of the day, so get there early.  He can also do pinking shear for a slightly higher fee.  Tune up??  He can take out any nicks in the cutting edge, lubricate the joint, balance the blades for easier cutting and so much more.  He has been playing with mine all weekend and trust me it is well worth it!!!

Mack will be in the shop classroom this Saturday (February 4th) from 10 to 3 (but will stay later if the demand is there)  He only accepts cash so make sure you have some on hand. $10 of one or $15 for two.

If you can't make it in on Saturday you can contact 801-831-6833 to see if there is a time you can drop them off to him to tune up at home and get back to you a few days later.

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