Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Scrap necklace tutorial

Today's tutorial is brought to you by Pinterest...are any of you surprised?
First I have to apologize for the picture.  I have lost my camera so this is stolen from my facebook mobile uploads.  If the camera appears I will update it to a better picture

Items needed
-scraps of material

I used 1/2 inch by width of fabric for my necklaces.  The thicker the strip the more chunky your braid will be.
You need three strips for each necklace.
Sew three short ends together.
Braid - I hooked mine onto the edge of a table with an alligator clip so I could pull my braid tight.
When all braided sew the other ends together so your braid doesn't come undone
Repeat this 2 more times for the other 6 strips.

I draped the three necklaces around my neck to get the length I wanted and pinned each one.
Sew together where you have pinned.
You can then join all three together with a quick stitch or leave them separate.

Oh the possibilities.  I used three colors, all the same for each necklace, but I have seen necklaces that are all different and they are adorable as well.

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Angela Thee said...

Ahh! Another way to use up all of those scrapes I just can not seem to throw away. I think I have fabric addition.