Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bling it with Brassy Apple

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of being a "guest poster" on the Brassy Apple  Thanks so much Megan you are a doll!  This is our post from there.  Check Megan's blog for lots of great DIY jewelry posts this month. So, let's get started and again "Thanks Megan!!"
I am Nadine from the Material Girls Quilts.  I am so excited and a little in awe that I am doing a post for Brassy Apple. I have been a blog stalker of hers for sometime (don't tell her).   A little about me,  I own a quilt shop in South Jordan Utah, and yes, I do have the greatest job in the world.  I love anything crafty, spray painty, glue gunnish,  and thrift stores!!  However, my first love is fabric.  I have 2 kids, one girl Shelby age 20 who works in the shop with me, and Parker age 18, who swears when he gets married that she won't even own a glue gun (not if I have any say!)   and one fantastic, supportive hubby!  When I saw that Megan was looking for contributors for jewelry I knew exactly what I wanted to post.  I am sure most of you have seen all the resin flowers and what not floating around blogland.  If not, I am going to show you!  I bought my molds for the cameo, (which I might add I am in love with cameos right now) and flowers (lots of flowers) off of Etsy.  I bought the resin from the actual company.   So,  Lets get started.....,

There are a lot of different resins on the market

I bought my molds off of Etsy, there again there are a ton to chose from

Fill the mold right to the top of the design, with the mixture of resin and the dye.

The resin takes about 5 minutes or so to harden.

Once the resin hardens it will pop right out of your mold

I added my cameo to a jewelry blank, I prefer a pin but didn't have the right size.  I glued it in and then on to a circle of wool felt.

I then cut two 3 inch strips of a linen like fabric called Prairie Cloth.

I chose to do a wrapped flower, you could do whatever you like.  Tie a knot in the end of your strip and twist and wrap it around the knot gluing it as you go.  I use a fast drying fabric glue called Fabri-Tac.  I wrapped it until I had a flower about 2 inches in diameter.

I then glued it where I wanted it, this is where it is nice to have the felt circle to adhere it to.

For the second wrapped flower,  I decided to add a little color, so as I was wrapping it I wrapped a piece of embroidery thread, you could use ribbon, rick rack or any type of bling you want.  If you didn't use a pin blank, you will have to add a pin, you can use a safety pin, just make sure to glue it well.

This is where you can let your personality shine girls!  I added, pearls, and a little brass button, with a chiffon wrapped flower.  Be creative here!

Walah!!  Add it to your favorite sweater,  headband, purse or whatever and get your SWAG on!!

Thanks so much,


Pat said...
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Pat said...

So cute. I love it!

Jenny Lynn said...

I thought this was such a cute idea when I first read it on Brassy Apple. Reading it again has inspired me to book mark this as something I would like to make.