Tuesday, February 14, 2012

felt wreath tutorial

I am currently obsessed with wreaths.  I loved how my front window looked with my christmas wreath in it.  So this year I said I would make a wreath for each month and hang it in the front window...hence the wreath tutorials that will pop up.   This is my March wreath, but it is adorable out of any colors.

Felt Wreath Tutorial

Foam Wreath
Felt scraps
Pins or glue
ribbon or something to hang it up with

Cut your felt scraps into 3 inch by 6 inch strips.  I cut one edge with my pinking shears to give it a fun edge.  You could use the decorative scissors also to get even more fancy.

Wrap the felt around the wreath and secure the seam in the back.  I used 2 pins, but gluing it works just as well.

when you get to the end, flip your first strip up and slide the last one under so they overlap.

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