Tuesday, April 17, 2012

sewing machine parts tutorial

Today is more of a tip than a true tutorial.

You know all those spare parts that come with your sewing machine...and sometime the case the company gives you is just not that cool.  Here is the solution.  I am not sure of the technical name but I call them squishy tubes.
I have found them at Home depot in the tool box section, but I am sure all home improvement stores have them.  They come in various sizes and colors.
You squeeze the end with the hole cut in it to open up the tune.  When released it closes tightly.  I have carried many around with various needles, thread, feet, and so on in them and have never had a spill.

Love my squishy tubes!!!  I have one for each machine.


Miz Karen said...

Cute idea. I'm going to try that. I'm always misplacing my seam ripper (unsewer)

dream quilt create said...

What a great idea! I missed you this weekend when I went to your shop three times !!!

Material Girls said...

Cynthia, Shelby and I had a girls weekend in St George. It was fun but rained the entire weekend. So, sad I missed you!!

Kim Walus said...

I need a squishy tube for all my stuff. They actually had a pink one? That's awesome. I'll have to go see if there are any red squishy tubes. What an awesome idea. Thanks Nadine!!!