Sunday, September 9, 2012

isn't she beautiful!!
Check out the legs on her!
Details on the top of her

Please don't hate me but, would you look at what I found this weekend!!!!  I feel like I won the lottery! I have wanted an old sofa like this for a long time.  I was cruising through the classifieds and came upon this gem!  Called the lady and told her we had a home for her if she was still available, and lucky me she was.  She is a little worn in spots, a a few holes but her structure is sturdy.  I just discovered Fiber and Fire  a fantastic company that re-covers and sells furniture, and plan on contacting them to see what they can do with her.  We are going to be putting a few pieces of theirs in the shop so stay tuned they are fabulous!!  I want everything that they do.  So first thing Monday, I will be making a call to them to see about a makeover for her:)

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