Thursday, September 27, 2012

Witches Boot Tutorial

 I am absolutely smitten with this tutorial.  I love Halloween decorations and so adding this to my ever growing and changing repertoire makes me smile!!   I shared this tutorial with My Craft Channel and it will be airing over there soon!  I loved meeting all the wonderful, talented ladies involved with that,  I will be sharing soon!!

Start with your favorite Halloween tights or knee high socks, and a Dollar Store black umbrella
snap off the handle about 6" from the top of the umbrella
Make a loop for hanging your finished legs,  I just used a double strand of 1/8 ribbon and stitched it through

Cut 30" strips of orange and black tulle and glue to bottom edge of umbrella.  You can use as much as you like or just a little
stuff socks with poly fill to your desired firmness

Glue or wire boots on make sure they are attached really well.!!  Then you will want  to attach these to the handle that you trimmed off.  I knotted them around and then used wire and glue to attach them to the umbrella.   You don't want to spear someone with a heel so make sure you do this really well!!
Now hang those luscious legs outside and be the envy of all witches!


Anonymous said...

I just found saw these on your facebook page. They are fabulous. I will be making a set of these for myself and my daughter in law. Love your blog and Facebook page.

Anonymous said...

I just saw this on the Craft Channel and had to check them out on your blog. CUTE! Headed for the store today. TFS