Sunday, January 10, 2010

Meet Utahs newest quilt group!

Meet Utah's newest quilters!!! This is the Seam Rippers they are also Utahs newest and youngest members of the Quilt Guild!! Roxie Larson their leader has great plans for these girls. The ages range from 6 and up. She has room in this group and if you are interested please just give the shop a call (801)495-4290. They will be meeting at the shop the second Wednesday of every month from 4-6 pm. This is so exciting to get to host this group of future quilters, (and Roxie, your are a hero! I'll make sure I have a diet coke on hand for you) If any of you are interested in donating to the Seam Rippers contact Roxie, she is funding this out of the goodness of her heart!!


Kelly O. said...

wow! what a neat idea!

Misty.Castagno said...

Wish I could come and join but my work schedule doesnt mix! Have fun..

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I wish my family lived closer so my own daughter could join! My quilt guild wants to keep it a 'ladies only' guild - no one under 18 allowed to join. That's pretty tough to take when you have been making entire quilts since you were twelve like my daughter. Have fun! Keep the quilting bug alive.