Friday, January 1, 2010

Tune in to Good Things Utah!!

Be sure and tune in Monday January 4th to "Good Things Utah" I will be doing the craft segment on the show. I will be showing how to do a basic fabric flower and what you can embellish with it!! Flowers seem to be popping up on everything! We get asked at the shop all the time how to do it, so tune in on Monday and I will show you how!! Easy Peasy!!
See ya there!!


Kelly O. said...

that's exciting!

Jen said...

Loved the segment! Is there any way to get instructions on how to do this? I watched, but would like to have something to refer to.

Lori Walker said...

Nadine! Just caught the end of your segment yesterday on GTU so I went online and watched a repeat of the video tonight. Cute craft! I enjoy watching you on TV. You do a great job, but why were you hiding behind that display? I only saw you peep out here and there. Come on girlfriend, we want to see your cute face!