Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh! this is good!!

Looking for a new project to start the New Year? Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill has just started a FREE block of the month. It is so cute!! She has all the details on her blog (just click on the link). I have a real soft spot for Anne, when I first opened my shop I called her and ordered some patterns for us to carry in the shop. In true Bunny Hill style she asked me if she could send us a model of one of her quilts to display in our shop. What? a Bunny Hill quilt in my brand new shop? I was flabbergasted and excited to say the least!! I knew that designers did trunk shows but she didn't know me or my shop and I couldn't believe she was offering to loan me a quilt!! I am not sure she remembers this, but over the years I have often thought of her kindness toward a "newby" in to the wonderful world of quilting! Thanks Anne you rock!!

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