Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I mentioned last week about a bag of the month club.  After a chitty chat with boss lady we have come to an announcement.  LET THE BAG MAKING BEGIN!!!

Here is the scoop.  The response has been awesome.  But lots of it has come from our online friends.  So with that we have decided to make this an online group with meetings quarterly, not really meetings but more like chat fest.

We will still choose to make a bag each month, but instead of meeting up to show our creations you will email a picture of them to me and we will post them online.  We will set a deadline for pictures to be in by and the post of pictures will be up that day.  Also the next pattern will be announced in that same post.

This is where I need your guys opinion.  Would you prefer a blog page to post pictures or a facebook page?  Leave a comment or shoot an email to the address below to let me know.

*** first bag is a free download from timeless treasures web site. It is a tote, ipad case and nook/kindle case.  here is you link  http://www.ttfabrics.com/patterns/downloads/London%20Layout.pdf
Pictures are due to me by October 15th.  The email to send them to is mgbaglady@hotmail.com.

For all you readers who have wanted to make bags but are nervous.  Don't be.  This is a perfect beginner bag.  You can send any questions to the above email or contact the shop and any of the girls there can you help you out as well.


Cindy said...

Do we make just the bag?

Material Girls said...

You can make any combo of the three. I am making the bag and nook cover.

kimmie's quilt's said...

This is going to be so much fun! thanks for putting this together!!

dream quilt create said...

Thanks for doing it online, that way I can participate. It doesn't matter to me if the photos are on the blog or facebook.

Kellie said...

This sounds like fun. I would rather have the pictures on a blog, but really I dont care either way.

Kristen's mom said...

I am definately in. I think the blog is better than a facebook page. Can we make any adjustments to the pattern, such as making it a little smaller or a little larger?

Material Girls said...

play with the pattern all you want. We are just providing the beginning point and you run with it.

dawnabbott said...

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