Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dresdan Plate Tutorial

Dresdan plates terrify me.  I avoided them like the plague no matter how cute the project was.  I then got myself into a situation that I agreed to do a quilt and it had 1/4 plate corners.  OH NO!!  They ended up being super easy.  Easy and fabulous looking?  SIGN ME UP

First - At the store we have multiple templates for dresdans.  All different sizes, but the concept is the same.  I used the smallest for picture purposes.  Some patterns come with the pattern template for you (like the quilt I did)

Scarps of fabric - amount will depend on size.  This small one calls for 5 inch strips.

--Cut fabric with template to chosen size

--Sew 1/4 seam along top straight edge

--Snip corner
--push point through - my template came with a pusher, but scissors or chopsticks work well too


--repeat until you have enough - pattern/directions will tell you how many you need to make a complete circle.
--Sew the points together along long edges.
--Stitch onto back ground fabric.
--Finish center with a circle. I appliqued mine on

DONE!!  See that was easy huh

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