Tuesday, September 6, 2011

bag of the month

Hi there, this is Chriss.  If you dont know me I am the bag lady from Material Girls.  If there is a bag pattern out there I MUST have it.  You have probably seen me in the shop, I have a little boy that the girls haul around (without much opposition from his mom)  I was feeling a little left out cause I am not a quilter. I prefer "3D projects".  So with the boss lady's blessing I am throwing together a monthly group.

Here is the basis
- We will make a bag each month.  The pattern will be the same for all but the fabric is your choice.
-When we meet the following month bring your bag and let the fun and idea swapping being. We will then announce the new pattern.
-Discount will be given on the chosen bag pattern to those in the group.
-At some of the monthly meetings we will have demos.

We will keep you posted about start up day, time and pattern.

Get your magnetic snaps and interfacing ready!!!


the Dancer said...

Why, Oh Why must I live in Colorado!! Great idea Chriss!! I'm wishing I could be there!

Candice said...
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Candice said...

Ouuu, love bags- so scared of them! hehe!

Megilon said...

Any chance of an online participation option? I think this sounds like a lot of fun!!

Amy C said...

This sounds like fun! I hope it will work out with my schedule, I'd love to get in on the fun!

Fuhriman Family said...

Very excited, hurry up and start!!!