Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hooded towel Tutorial

my child is a chunky monkey.  And due to this "baby" sized stuff doesn't work for him.  The major one being baby towels.  So here is a quick and easy tutorial on hooded towel you can use from infant to toddler---or you on those days you want to bundle up after a warm shower.

1 - hand towel
1-bath towel

--Cut hand towel in half

-Finish cut edge - serge or zig zag
--folded the short end together to form a point.  This should be the opposite of the cut end

--Using a short stitch length (1.5) but a wide zig zag (4)  sew the two edges together. MAKE sure to catch both edges of the towel in your stitches.

--You should now have a point
--Center the point piece onto the long side of your towel...this is sewn to the "outside" so if you want a certain side out when you wrap it make sure that side is facing up in this step.

--pin in place.
--Zig Zag the three edges of the point piece.  Then straight stitch along the edge of the towel.  This attatchs and secures the point piece and towel together.

--Embellish as desired--mine are plain cause my little one pulls everything off that I put on.

DONE!! Now time for a bath!!


Material Girls said...

Our cute model is my favorite baby Aidan. He is not even related to me but he stole my heart. Thanks Chris!

Unknown said...

Are you only using then, one half of the hand towel? So you could buy two bath towels and one hand towel and make two hooded baby towels? Awesome!
BTW - I have a favorite little guy named Aidan too! He's my grandson...but he's now almost 5! :) Popular name!

LynnEl in Illinois

Material Girls said...

Yes, you can make two hoods out of one hand towel

Baby Hooded Towels said...

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