Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wreath tutorial

We at MG hope your holidays were fabulous.

This tutorial is a 2 parter.  I was hoping to get done the second part in time, but the holidays were just to fun to ignore so here is the first part.

Cheap wreath.

Go to home depot and buy a length of pipe insulation it costs around $1 for six feet.  At my home depot it was in the isle with the furnace filters.  They are long grey foam tubes with a slit in them.  They come in six foot sections.  Gently bend the tube until you get the size wreath you want. Then cut and tape the ends together.  I used Scotch heavy duty packing tape.  You have a wreath for cheap.

Be aware there are different widths of the insulation.  The thinner ones work better for smaller wreaths, but the thicker ones work for larger wreaths.  if you want a 12" standard size go with thinner. The thicker one folded in on me.

next week I will finish the wreath.

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Needled Mom said...

I love products with mutiple uses!!!!