Monday, February 13, 2012

Scissor Sharpening

Mac the Scissor guy will be back on Saturday February 18th from 10 to 3. Drop off will be from 10 to 3 and pick them up by 8pm.

When he was in the shop last time he had several comments about not being able to sharpen and fix some very "loved" scissors.  He was able to sharpen and restore all of them that came his way. His favorite line is  if you haven't cut barbed wire with them, he can probably fix them.  So if you have a pair of scissors that are very loved and have knicks, dirty, rusty, or any other issues bring them in and if he can't fix them he won't charge you.

Mac can sharpen all types of scissors.  Regular, pinking shears, batting shears, bring it in and he will look at them and try.  He made my nippers able to cut through fabric (not just thread), my regular scissors can cut through 32 layers, and my pinking can cut 4 layers.

For same day service his prices are $10 for one pair, $15 dollars for 2 pair. If you have a specialty pair bring them in and he will quote you a price when he looks at them.  Mac only takes cash so please have some on hand with you.

Drop off and pick up...what?  I thought I better explain this better.  It takes Mac 15 minutes per scissor.  He handles this on a first come first serve basis.  So the earlier you drop them off, the sooner they will be done.  But so he isn't there all night sharpening, he will stop accepting scissors at 3.  He will have everything done and ready by 8pm.

And thank you to all who came last time he was in the shop.  Thanks for making him feel so welcome.

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