Sunday, July 31, 2011

My shoe fetish!!

My new shoes, Amanda was my inspiration but my friend Chris is always watching my back!!  They are made by a company called "Big Buddah" and I love them.  Thanks Chris!
Converse "Chucks" and all time favorite and I own seriously every color!!  Love these things!
Shoes I wore in my 20's but secretly would wear them again, if my poor feet would allow it! 

I admit it!  I am a shoe addict.  I love all and every pair of shoes!!  I worked for Nordstroms for a lot of worked for this company for several years and seriously came home with at least one pair of shoes every month.  In my early 20's it was the pointy toe pump.   The more toe cleavage it showed the better the shoe.  I'll admit with age those are no longer happening.  I probably couldn't even walk across the room with them on.   The other night Amanda from the Quilted Fish was in the shop and had the cutest shoes on,  of course Shelby and I went nuts over them.   so, my friend Chris was out and about and calls me and say " I found those shoes and they have your size, do you want me to pick them up?  UHHHH, hello, yes, of course I want you to pick them up.  So, my darling friend picks them up and brings them to the shop!!  Ta Dah, look how cute!!!
Whats your favorite shoe?  Secretly, I am still that skinny girl that looks hot in those pointy toe pumps, but of course a girl can dream can't she!!
So now you know my fetish with shoes.


JusticeBlog said...

I love flip is the only thing I truly love on my feet - it's like they have just become an extension of my feet.

Vesuviusmama said...

I love shoes, too, and the colorful ones are my favorite (not just black and brown). I have some low red heelsnwith a pointy toe and buckle that both men and women alike compliment me for. They are probably my favorite, but I hate to neglect the other pairs I love so much, too. I recently just gave up seven pairs, though, because they don't fit like they used to (or maybe never did fit, but I was determined to have them anyway) and I hadn't worn them in over a year. Which means to me, I have room to buy MORE!

life in red shoes said...

Anything red honey, anything red :)

life in red shoes said...

I got the same ones...twinners!