Friday, July 8, 2011

Old Doors! I'm obsessed

Okay, I am pretty much obsessed with old doors and windows!  I was out with my friend last week and we came upon  a door that had been converted into a shelf like thingy. This place had the mother lode of doors. Of course we were in a smaller SUV and we couldn't fit it in the car, (believe my I begged)   I have 3 old doors in the shop that I use for display and a few more in my garage.  Pretty certain that if I ask my hubby to go for a drive up the canyon to get this door he will think I have lost my marbles.  But I have a vision for this particular door.  I know its mine!!
Gotta go someones knocking,


Unknown said...

I love old doors too. The ones in your picture are great.

Jeanette said...

Where oh where did you find those doors? I think I need one too!

TMQG said...

all of them?