Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bling it with Brassy Apple

Just thought I would share Shelby's tutorial that she had over at the Brassy Apple  We feel honored to have been apart of this, Thank you Megan!  So here it is.....,

Hi everyone!  I am Shelby from the Material Girls Quilts in South Jordan, Utah.  I first want to tell Megan, "Thank-you" for having us.  I have loved reading all of the jewelry posts.  I will definitely be trying a few of the tutorials out myself.  I must say that this is my first tutorial, so forgive me if I don't explain it well,  feel free to call me at the shop, I would be happy to answer any questions.  Okay, here goes!!
Make sure if you are buying leather that it is soft, it is available in many colors.
     My tutorial will be on a leather cuff bracelet,  I have spotted several of these at a few of my favorite stores and boutiques at really high price points.  I purchased my leather blank bracelets at a craft store.  You could make your own by cutting the leather to fit your wrists and using a snap setter apply 2 snaps.  If you are making your own, make sure and make it a little snug as your leather will stretch. Mine measures 2" x 7 1/2, it makes it easier to embellish at this width.
The next step is to decide how you want to embellish it,  I am way into pennants right now and decided my first would be a more casual style with a pennant on it.   I cut little scraps of fabrics,  one inch by one inch in a pennant shape

After cutting them all out.  I sewed them together.  I used 5 pennants to reach across my bracelet.  You could use more if needed.
auditioning embellishments
Finished bracelet,  embellish as much as you like.
After I had sewn my pennants together I then laid them on the leather,  (before sewing make sure that is exactly where you want them,) if you have to pick out of the leather it is not very forgiving and will leave needle holes.  Now comes the fun part!!  Get creative!  add all kinds of buttons, pearls, rick rack you name it, it will go with leather.  I couldn't just stop at one so I made a second one that is a little bit vintage-y.
I added a piece of crochet cotton lace across the bracelet,
Adding lace
Before adding the lace make sure and finish the edges so it doesn't fray.
After finishing the edges of my lace I sewed it right on to my leather cuff.  I used regular cotton thread and a just a regular needle.  I will have to change my needle for my next quilting project.  I decided this one would be a leather, lace combo.  I then cut 1 1/2 x 10" strip of satin.  I sewed it to form a circle and bunched it together in the center and wrapped it with a pink jute.  I added a few brass buttons and walah!, a leather and lace look.
Leather and Lace
Thanks so much everyone for letting me be a part of your very crafty world, and again Megan thank you for putting this all together.  Any questions just give me a call at the shop, or post it on our blog the Material Girls Quilts

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