Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Cleaning!

Today in Utah was sunny and warm,  I had the doors open and decided to do a little "Spring Cleaning"  Ugh!!   I truly am a HOARDER!  We have been in our house for 20 years, and I swear for the last 10, I haven't thrown anything away.   Well, over the next 6 weeks I am de-junking!!  Everything!!  I did find this super great check list for Spring Cleaning at this cute blog!!  Lovely Little Snippets!!  I will keep you posted on my progress, I was too ashamed to take pictures of my downstairs craft room, but I will show you some later.  Who else is Spring Cleaning?  Are you organized or kind of clutter?


Sherri said...

Oh, I am planning on spring cleaning this week too! Thanks for the link to the great checklist!

Samantha said...

Our house is so small that if I don't de-junk every 4-6 months we would be buried by all the stuff DH drags home.

Last time I tossed 5 sets of used golf clubs that he dragged home more than 4 years ago and then NEVER sorted into one good set and used. He has never golfed!!

Did he get mad at me for tossing something he brought home and dumped in the craft/sewing/storage/junk room? Yes he did, until I reminded him that he doesn't golf and that they had been sitting there for more than 4 years! Silly man.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

I know how it is. I have been dejunking for a year and half now. Had 3 HUGE garage sales when I started, now I am piling more stuff up to have another one in the fall. My best friend, the Queen of garage sales, moved to Atlanta, so I will have to have her come back down for a weekend to help me. I am hoping we will be moving to Utah, and that garage sale will be the all has to go type of sale. I am loving the MORE space issue.

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