Monday, March 5, 2012

Peek a boo slip tutorial

I think I am itching for summer, who knows why with the mild winter we have had, but for my this summer means the summer of skirts.  I am going to try and wear skirts the majority of the days.  Big step for this jean lovin girl.  If you are like me you have some skirt that you wish were just a tad longer, or even just want a little extra something with them.  Well here is my answer.  A peek a boo slip.  Add lace that you don't mind showing off and you have instant inches and embellishment to any skirt or dress.

What you need.

--Slip - it should be a little longer than you want in the end.
--Lace - yardage depends on how big your slip it.  Also the width of the lace is up to you.  I did a thick one.Cotton lace works best but use what you like.

Put on slip and mark where you want the FULL length to be.
Cut off any extra.

Lay lace on top of the slip with the bottom edge equal with the cut edge of the slip. (this is tricky, your lace should be fully on top of your slip, no clear spaces should be seen.)

Sew the top of the lace to the slip. I used a zigzag since my top part of the lace was thin.

Flip the lace up and cut the slip of 1/4 inch from the lace seam

Finish with a serger or zig zag

Sew the two ends of the lace together and serge or zigzag.

DONE!! and adorable.

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