Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cupboard door re-purposed

I forgot to take a picture of my original door but it looked just like this
finished project!
I have a thing for old doors, windows, cupboards and anything that I think I can re-purpose.  Just ask my husband he has threatened me if I dare to bring any more of them home they are going to be taken to the dump, unless I start to use some of them.  Well, after picking up Shelby's necklaces, scarves and other paraphernalia that she leaves lying around the house.  I decided to put one of my old cabinet doors to use.  I started with just a plain cupboard door I had picked up.  I picked up the door for $5.00 at the thrift store,   I lightly sanded it, and then applied a coat of gray primer, (spray kind, Kilz), and then applied a coat of white spray paint.  Shelby wanted the crystal kind of knobs and I got ours at Home Depot, ($6.00 a piece.)  I then used my Silhouette and cut out 3 vinyl frames, (have I mentioned I love my Silhouette?)  put a light sealer on it, and walah!!  Shelby has no excuse to leave her jewelry around the house now.  I have one more door this size and I think I am going to make me one!!  This is a super, fast easy project.  I had seen something just like this at a local boutique and it was more expensive.  Oh, and Shelby loves it!!

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Anonymous said...

I am so excited to see this. I just bought 4 doors at a garage sale this weekend thinking I would find something to do with them and you posted this. I am going to make my daughters each one.
Thanks for the idea,